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At Vantage Osteopathy, we don’t just treat pain – we empower lives.

Our mission is to provide person-centred care of unparalleled quality, guiding you towards relief, empowerment and elevated health.

Your journey with us is an expedition, a climb towards a healthier, happier you.

Our commitment to your well-being reaches the summit of care, knowledge and results.

At Vantage we believe in providing bespoke assessment and treatment tailored to your goals.

Whether your goals are getting out of pain, running a marathon or lifting up your grandchildren we’ll support you every step of the way on your journey back to health.

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Millie Wood
Millie Wood
I recently visited Dan at Vantage for a running injury that had been persisting in my knee for several weeks. Dan was extremely thorough in carrying out a full examination to get to the root of the issue. He then took me through some treatment and provided great advice for future planning and a return to running. I felt very assured by his clear knowledge of my injury and how to fix it, he was like an artist at work! Thank you Dan, I am feeling pain-free and confident after seeing you.
Kathy Peters
Kathy Peters
Dan is an excellent osteopath! I saw him for tendon pain in my foot that was stopping me from running. He identified and explained the root issue, provided initial treatment to help release the tension and exercises and advice to help strengthen the area. This has helped me get back running again - would highly recommend!
Gem & Em M
Gem & Em M
great osteopath, looks at the body overall not just the immediate problem.
Faustine V
Faustine V
I went to Vantage for my neck pain and headaches and after just 2 osteopathy sessions I was pain free and felt amazing. Highly recommend.
Jake Forsdyke
Jake Forsdyke
Daniel really knows his stuff and is very friendly. The adjustments help loads with mobility, I've been struggling with an injury for 18 months and went to see many professionals but this was the first time I've felt a breakthrough. Daniel is very attentive, capable and he gets to the root of the problem.
Shirley Hyde-Clarke
Shirley Hyde-Clarke
Couldn’t recommend Dan enough, seen him a few times now with different ailments and he’s fixed me every time. I can move freely and the pain has gone. Absolutely brilliant!
Júlia Moreno Vicente
Júlia Moreno Vicente
Dan was great, very professional, knowledgable and friendly! I would 100% recommend him if you are looking for a trustworthy osteopath!
Matteo Di Battista
Matteo Di Battista
Dan is super skilled and if you have a problem you can be sure that he will fix it.
kate jameson
kate jameson
I saw Dan a while ago for lower back pain and neck pain caused by stress and my desk work. He did a very in-depth examination and really figured out what was going on. His treatment was very gentle and considerate. I left feeling like I could walk on clouds with a weight off my shoulders. I can’t wait to come back!
Agnes Ganichaud
Agnes Ganichaud
I saw Dan at Vantage for my migraines and neck pain. I had never seen an osteopath before and was a bit apprehensive at first but Dan’s reassuring manner and his communication instantly put me at ease. I would recommend the clinic for anyone wanting to get better quick!
Why We're Different

Reach The Summit Of Your Health With Us

 At Vantage we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide excellent care.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional healthcare. From the moment you enter our practice, you’ll realise that Vantage Osteopathy is the place you’ve been looking for. 


Imagine having the Vantage view of your health - a path to a pain-free life

No matter if the pain you have has been from being tied to your desk for years or you’ve injured yourself doing your favourite activity, we’re here to help you understand the issue and map out your road to recovery.

Back Pain

From acute to chronic back pain, we can help with osteopathy

Neck Pain

From desk-related neck pain to a bad night's sleep, we can help


Find our what's causing your sciatica then get it treated

Pulled Muscles

Been lifting something heavy or playing sport? Recover quickly.

Disc Issues

While discs do heal on their own, we can help speed up the process

Shoulder Pain

From muscle issues to 'trapped' nerves, restore full function now

Why Choose Vantage?

Choosing a healthcare professional can be hard. If you align with our approach, you’ll love Vantage.

At Vantage you can rest assured that you will receive an in depth examination and treatment tailored to your needs every time.

We also believe in collaboration and if we believe you will benefit or be better served from external treatment, we have a wide network of other elite therapists who we can refer to.

At Vantage, we don’t believe in half fixes or doing anything half hearted for that matter. We will dive deep to fix the root cause of the problem to leave you healthier and happier for longer.

Our commitment to being results-oriented reflects our dedication to delivering tangible outcomes for our patients.

By focusing on measurable results, we ensure that your time and effort invested in your health with us get meaningful transformations. 

Empowering our clients is at the core of everything we do at Vantage Osteopathy. 

When you’re empowered, you transform yourself from a passive recipient of care to an informed decision-maker. 

Your success story is our motivation. We are results-focused, driven by your progress.

As you begin to conquer your pain, you’ll walk out with not just relief, but also a newfound confidence in your body’s resilience.

Conquer Health Mountain

Your Expedition Begins Right Here, Right Now

Elevate your health, embrace empowerment and conquer the summit of well-being. Let’s work together.